Toadie McToad-Burger and the Mystery of The Orange Store

The CSI crew gets a pass on this one, no crime has been committed - yet. 

Recently, Josh has started asking me for "orange store".  Honestly, I have absolutely no clue where this came from or what he's talking about.  None of the stores we go to regularly are "orange" and he's not asking for the fruit... LOLOLOLOL, fell off my chair laughing just then - Josh, asking for a fruit!  AS. IF.  Ok, you get the idea.

So, I don't really know what he's after. 

Curiously, he's also been taking this book of the shelf a lot recently:

Which I also can't explain.  He's been interested in it off and on for years, but this latest interest is definitely more significant.  It's very odd - he has 1,000 Blue's Clues books and a few other children's books he likes and he can't read, but boy, does he like looking at this.  I have a theory.  I think he's getting a better sense of how to demolish things by seeing how they get put (back) together.  I've mentioned that he's a master at taking things apart and has a compulsion to do so - one of these days there will be a post devoted to that, I've been putting it off because I don't want people to think he's horrible.  But indeed, his skill in the destruction of things is really quite impressive. So I figure he's looking at this book (there are pictures of everything) and working the steps backwards in his head, so he knows how to take things apart. I suppose it's possible he's trying to figure out how to fix the things he's already demo'd ... yeah, no.  He's not.

So here's the question:  is the "orange store" Josh keeps referring to Home Depot

I mean, it IS an orange store.... So. Very. ORANGE.

But I can literally count on one hand the number of times I've been there with him.  There certainly isn't anything there that would normally interest him.

Target, on the other hand, is right across the street from HD. 


 It's not orange, but it is red.  So.  Very.  RED.  I can see how he might be confusing the two, especially given their proximity to each other.  And there are definitely things he likes at Target.  So how then, does the book tie-in?  I'm sure it's related.  He only just started asking for "orange store" recently after I noticed he had the book out a lot.  Maybe, because he recognizes the logo on the book, and knows that the two stores are close to each other, and doesn't know how else to ask me to go to Target, this is how he's doing it.  Figures it's close enough.  I DON'T KNOW.  Seems plausible though, otherwise I don't have a clue.  Not even a Blue's Clue.


David Caruso's Got Nothing on Me

If you've been reading the blog for a bit you're aware that there are a lot of mysteries to solve when it comes to Josh and I do have a tendency to reference CSI.  That's probably because being Josh's mom, or the parent of any autistic child for that matter, requires more than your average amount of detective work. 

For the last couple of weeks, I noticed that Josh was taking off his right shoe a lot.  He would come out of school with it half off and just be walking on the heel of it or would be wiggling his foot around like there was something bothering him when I would put it on.  He does have some small plantar warts on his heel, but he has them on the right one as well and through some careful, after-he's-asleep ninja applications of Compound W,  they are mostly gone.  So I didn't think it was that.  I kept checking his socks to make sure I hadn't missed any objects or lint collections that he sometimes likes to put in there (see my post "Movers and Shakers" for more on that if you haven't already).  I decided he was just working his sock between his toes for more sensory input and tried to not worry about it.

Yesterday evening, when I was cleaning up after the boys were asleep, I noticed the shoe in the hall so I picked it up to put it by the door.  Something was missing.  Then I saw an insole a little ways away.  I picked it up and went to put it back in the shoe, when I noticed that it wasn't the right insole.  It was from his last pair of shoes, for the other foot.  Hmmm.  Well, so where's the one that actually goes with this shoe???  The search began.  I thought it was odd, because the one that wasn't for that shoe was so close to it and I could not find the correct one.  Then I remembered putting the old pair away so I went to check and sure enough, found the insoles as well right next to them... except one of them was actually the one that was supposed to be in the current right shoe.  *insert A-HA moment here* Realizing that he had had the wrong insole in the right shoe for the last couple weeks, I put the correct one in.  Poor kid!  He plays with all of our shoes (also see "If the Shoe Fits" for this!) and loves to take out the insoles and I have to play match-up at the end of the day.  Somewhere along the way I messed up and mixed one up, though it could very well have been Josh himself as he will put them in sometimes too.  It's so hard when he can't just TELL me what's wrong.

Feeling somewhat triumphant with one more mystery solved, I put on his shoes for school this morning thinking he would be so happy that it wouldn't feel so weird anymore.  He stood up and as he was walking away, I noticed that he was now moving his left foot oddly in the shoe...

My name is Sarah. Seattle. JSI. 

*puts sunglasses on*

A long way to go, answer to the mystery, and a new post

Today is my birthday.  45 years ago today I arrived and it has been quite the journey so far!  Age is a funny thing, really.  As far as what it means personally, it's simply a way to keep track of how long I've been here and a reminder of how far I still have to go.  I made a promise to Zach when he was very little that I would do my best to see him reach his 100th birthday.  This means I have to make it to 131 and a few months.  OK.  Then I started thinking.  That would take me to the later part of the year 2096, which is only 3 and a bit years from 2100.  So really, why would I want to not make it to the new century? That would be pretty lame, getting that close and not seeing it in.  So now I've decided I have to get to 135.  Heck, I'm only a third of the way there! ;)

As promised, the answer to the mystery of where the strange objects came from:
A few nights back, I had made a big bunch of spaghetti for dinner and needed something to put all the leftovers in.  I didn't have any regular tupper-ware type containers big enough for what I had left, so I decided to just use one of my big mixing bowls. Took the largest one out of the cupboard, put the leftovers in it, covered it up and was carrying it to the fridge when I noticed the bowl did not feel right on the bottom.  I stopped dead in my tracks, looked over that the mystery black ring on the counter, grabbed it and sure enough, it popped right back on to the bottom of the bowl where it was supposed to be.  NO FREAKING WAY! After all these months of trying to figure this out... then saw the oval piece and quickly uncovered the bowl.  There it was, an empty, oval-shaped hole where the rubber piece belonged on the tab to hold the bowl.  Popped that puppy right back in where it belonged.  So little man had got a-hold of the bowl, taken off the bottom ring and popped out this tab piece and put the bowl back in the cupboard.  Don't ask me why I didn't notice it sooner, though, I have a set of ceramic mixing bowls as well so I may not have used it in a while.








Now if I could just figure out where the hell this came from...


And, it's Thursday, so my post for Momversation is up

It's a bit of a rant this week :)

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