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     Going to side-track here for a moment.  Last night on tv, the movie Silence of the Lambs was on AMC.  Now, this happens to be one of my favorite movies ever, not sure I can explain it as that might seem kind of whacked, but I just think it's brilliant.  Anyway, Zach was up when I mentioned it was on and was going to TiVo it to watch after everyone was asleep.  He asked if he could watch it with me (the boys are on Spring Break now, so he can stay up later) and my response was a definitive, not on your life little man!  Then he says to me, but it's only rated TV14....  whooooooa, what?!  So I checked, and sure enough, he was right.  Silence of the Lambs is considered appropriate for children ages 14 and older by the folks that determine how these things should be rated for television.  Really?  Really.  I don't know, maybe I'm just naive, but wow, I am simply stunned that anyone could think this movie was ok for younger teenagers.  No, there is not graphic violence (well, except for the biting people's faces off thing) however, the violence is alluded to and illustrated for your imagination quite clearly and frighteningly throughout the film.  You also see a corpse, complete with skin removed from the back.  You see the immensely disturbing "lair" of Buffalo Bill.  I won't list out the multitude of images that provides as evidence for my argument here, if you've read the book or seen the film, you know what I'm talking about.  As much as I liked it, I was an adult when I first saw the movie and I still found it really disturbing, how on earth do we think this is ok for a 14 year old ?!?  I understand that the ratings system is there to help parents determine what might be ok or not for their kids and it is ultimately up to us.  However, if I were a parent who was younger and/or had never read the book or seen the movie myself and looked at the rating for it, I probably wouldn't have thought it was that big a deal.  I can easily see people letting their kids watch it in that situation, not knowing what they were about to see.  I am just having a really hard time understanding this one. 


ps. No, I still did not allow him to watch it :P