Toadie McToad-Burger and the Mystery of The Orange Store

The CSI crew gets a pass on this one, no crime has been committed - yet. 

Recently, Josh has started asking me for "orange store".  Honestly, I have absolutely no clue where this came from or what he's talking about.  None of the stores we go to regularly are "orange" and he's not asking for the fruit... LOLOLOLOL, fell off my chair laughing just then - Josh, asking for a fruit!  AS. IF.  Ok, you get the idea.

So, I don't really know what he's after. 

Curiously, he's also been taking this book of the shelf a lot recently:

Which I also can't explain.  He's been interested in it off and on for years, but this latest interest is definitely more significant.  It's very odd - he has 1,000 Blue's Clues books and a few other children's books he likes and he can't read, but boy, does he like looking at this.  I have a theory.  I think he's getting a better sense of how to demolish things by seeing how they get put (back) together.  I've mentioned that he's a master at taking things apart and has a compulsion to do so - one of these days there will be a post devoted to that, I've been putting it off because I don't want people to think he's horrible.  But indeed, his skill in the destruction of things is really quite impressive. So I figure he's looking at this book (there are pictures of everything) and working the steps backwards in his head, so he knows how to take things apart. I suppose it's possible he's trying to figure out how to fix the things he's already demo'd ... yeah, no.  He's not.

So here's the question:  is the "orange store" Josh keeps referring to Home Depot

I mean, it IS an orange store.... So. Very. ORANGE.

But I can literally count on one hand the number of times I've been there with him.  There certainly isn't anything there that would normally interest him.

Target, on the other hand, is right across the street from HD. 


 It's not orange, but it is red.  So.  Very.  RED.  I can see how he might be confusing the two, especially given their proximity to each other.  And there are definitely things he likes at Target.  So how then, does the book tie-in?  I'm sure it's related.  He only just started asking for "orange store" recently after I noticed he had the book out a lot.  Maybe, because he recognizes the logo on the book, and knows that the two stores are close to each other, and doesn't know how else to ask me to go to Target, this is how he's doing it.  Figures it's close enough.  I DON'T KNOW.  Seems plausible though, otherwise I don't have a clue.  Not even a Blue's Clue.