A Girl, a Kidney, and the Living Legacy of a Lost Friend

Sometimes, there is good news in the world...


About a year-and-a-half ago I wrote this, http://planetjosh.squarespace.com/journal/2011/2/2/i-dont-know-emily-but-ive-met-her-kidney-and-im-following-it.html, the story of a kidney I met on Twitter and the young woman it was determined to belong to. Go read it, I've never met a nicer nor funnier internal organ.

Emily, despite needing dialysis 3x/week, having to live on severe fluid restriction and waiting patiently while friends and family tried to help but none would match, continued to live her life and got married last June!

But that was just the beginning of her happy ending because yesterday, she posted this video:


Congratulations, Emily and Emily's Kidney, on finally finding each other! This makes me exceedingly happy :)

Living donation is an amazing gift, one that's been close to my heart for some time, even before I met Ms Kidney.

13 years ago while donating blood for a blood drive in honor of a neighbor's young son who'd passed away, I put myself on the National Marrow Registry. I have never come up as a match for anyone, including a friend who was also sadly lost to Leukemia 2 summers ago

But while she was still with us, many friends chose to join the registry - not just to try to help her, but to honor her legacy by potentially helping others. Unfortunately none of us were able to help Bernadette. But one of those friends recently came up as a match for someone else - and just this last week he donated his bone marrow to that person.  Two years later Bernie's legacy lives on, thanks to wonderful people like Tony (one of my former karate instructors), and hopefully others as well.