Josh and the Giant Bee

There are few things in this world that Toad loves as much as Blue's Clues and fries...


Water - playing with or being in it.

His beloved soft Tonka cars/trucks.

Being outside in the wind or rain.


But there is one thing. One thing that trumps all, yes, even the fries take a back seat to this.


Floaty Mylar balloons. 

Their helium-induced gravitational defiance rocks Toadie's world like nothing else.


They make him furiously happy. And I mean that literally. His enjoyment of them is so intense it borders on aggressive. Like when you are so excited about your favorite team winning a big game you shove the person sitting next to you out of their seat...


Anyway, these balloons are a big deal in Toad's world. They have rescued us from many a torturous shopping trip and are guaranteed to bring a smile to his face no matter what. Most of the time we get them on my initiation but every now and then, he'll ask for one himself.

This is what happened a few days ago, when we were finishing-up what had been a moderately stressful grocery store run. He saw a lot of the "Grad" balloons that were all over the place and asked for one. I told him we'd get one once we'd finished all our shopping. He hung in there after that, so when we'd finished getting the groceries we needed, I told him it was time to get his balloon. I don't usually worry about what kind of balloons we get - birthday, grad, v-day, congrats, etc - because Toad doesn't care. If they're Mylar and they're floating, we're good. But for whatever reason I can't explain because I have no idea, I didn't want to get him one of the Graduation ones. So we went over to the floral section where they have others.

I think we both saw it at the same time.

There, floating high above some potted plants, was a bee. A giant, smiling, floating, bee balloon. As I asked him if he wanted the bee, his eyes were already locked on it and he immediately said "bee!"

And so it was.


The down-side of these non-pharmaceutical uppers is that Toadie will usually pop or deflate them within a couple of hours of getting them home, so the joy is short-lived.


But the bee was different.

Josh had "conversations" with the bee - clues were discovered and discussed. Planets were named. Songs were sung. And it never left his hands...






not even at bedtime.






Hey little man, are you really going to sleep with the Giant Bee Balloon?









"Don't even think about taking this from me.

Also, of course I am. DUH. "












Lol, ok, cutie :)


(shhhh .... don't tell him I snuck in and took it out of his hand once he fell asleep!)







And it didn't stop there.


It was the first thing he grabbed when he got out of bed the next morning and he insisted on bringing it when we took Zach to the orthodontist. In fact, the only way I could get him to leave the big, soft Tonka truck that they had in the waiting area and he had decided was his, was to remind him that the bee balloon was waiting in the car - truck hit the floor, Toadie was on his way. Magic.








See? I told you it was in the car...

















... and I can tell you're smiling even though you're not looking at me :)


He didn't even care that we didn't stop for fries on the way home. It was madness I tell you, MADNESS!







Even after we got home, he wouldn't let go.

Not even to eat.


But the impetus to have fun soon was too much to ignore and Toadie played hard with his balloon-friend as is his way...





and Mr Bee eventually suffered the same fate they all do.


Aw :(





And Toadie went back to using his iPad, looking at his books, chewing his trucks and blocks, asking for fries and giving me 8 million kisses on my forehead. 'Cause that's how he rolls. 


Bye-bye, Bee. Thank you for making Toad so happy with your cheerful, floaty, bee-ness while it lasted.


ps. Toad just finished Middle School...

W H A T ?!?