As I Suspected...

... best start to a school year E V E R.  Everrr.  Eh. Ver.


Need proof?

Does this look like the face of a little boy who is having a tough time... ?



I think not.

It's also very silly, he can look really goofy when he's laughing a lot, however, I don't care - it's SO hard to get pictures of him smiling and laughing even though he does it quite often, so I'LL TAKE IT. That's right, big, silly, toothy grin and everything.  :)

This, by the way, is the picture his teacher took of him to put over his coat hook. When I went to pick him up the other day she pulled me in to see it and asked if I wanted a copy.

Um, YES?!

So far, so good. Will give it some time before we see how the i-Pad at school thing is working-out.

Ok, his nose looks huge in that picture. It's not that big. Really. Honestly, I just was in love with the fact that he was so obviously happy and in a great mood when they took this, says a lot for this team.


So, have yourself a little chuckle at Mr Smiley Head up there and stay tuned!