How it's Different, Example # 78

I'm sure that those of you with kids have at one time or another, had to come home from a shopping trip with something you never intended to buy - because your child wanted it. And I'm not talking about the random but frequent, "hey can we get that?", I mean they WANTED the item in question. Like a dog wants to stick his nose where it doesn't belong or the Kardashians want attention. THAT kind of want.

And even if you don't have kids, it's likely you've done this yourself at some point in your life. Don't pretend you needed those Jimmy Choos.

Well, sometimes Toad does this too.

But quite often, it's not some toy or candy as you might expect from most young kids (and I say young because of Toadie's developmental level).

No. Definitely not what you'd expect.

Yesterday, during an outing to Target, we were walking past the home decor section and Toad pulled a white shag bolster pillow off a shelf and started walking away with it.

Um, hey bub, come back and let mommy have that, thanks baby - and I put it back. I started moving away and he pulled it back off the shelf again and was just running his hands all over this thing. I went to take it, again, but this time I was met with Toadie's "STEP OFF, B*" look and body language. He may be small, but he's not to be messed with when in Kung-Fu Ninja-mode.

That's when I knew I'd be leaving Target with a white shag bolster pillow.

For my almost 13-yr old son.


Behold, the shaggy awesomeness...  


No, it's not a tribble. It's NOT.







He's been walkng around with it for most of the day, hugging it when he lies down, or just holding it in his lap. It's ridiculously cute. Of course I couldn't get any pictures of him actually with it, every time I brought the camera out he would drop it like, what, I don't like that thing, what's your problem??? As though I somehow don't remember the "I will kill you in your sleep if you take this pillow from me again" attitude he gave me in the store.


It's fantastically soft, I get why he likes it so much.




The funny thing is, Target won't even admit they HAVE these. I was looking online for a picture I could use from their website, and it's nowhere to be found. Secret White Shag Bolster Pillow. SHHHHHHHHH.


I'm just glad he didn't want the eyeball-searing neon teal one...