Lucky 13

If you sensed a great disturbance in The Force, it's probably because today, I am officially the mother of TWO teenaged boys. Not one, but T.W.O.

Which frankly just seems wrong.

It also means today is Toad's 13th birthday!

Lucky 13.

I had an idea of what to get him that actually came from school. In his classroom, they have a stationary bike and Josh loves it. They use it as a reward/motivator for when he works.

So I thought it would be perfect to have one at home. There are several issues when it comes to Toad and riding a real bike outside - first and foremost, he won't keep a helmet on. If you can get one on him, he might keep it on for a couple minutes at most. And a head injury is the last thing he needs. Well, it's the last thing anyone needs, but, you get my point. He also doesn't quite understand steering, which can be somewhat problematic. Then of course there's braking - he has a preference for pedalling backwards so any bike that uses back-pedal braking means he's going nowhere fast. And hand-brakes and how to use them are simply too complicated.

Regular outside bike riding is not an option right now. So the stationary bike idea seemed ideal.

I found one made specifically for young/small children that was also not terribly expensive - under $100, whereas everything else I found was $500 and up. Mostly up.

So I figured it seemed reasonable, had an upper weight limit of 150lbs (Toad is only 65), and had really good reviews - I ordered it.

You do have to put it together yourself, but, the instructions were fairly straightforward, and they even provided the tools needed including 2 hex-wrenches and a screwdriver - yay for bonus tools!

Turns out, it's small.

I'm not sure what child of the weight limit they have on this thing will also be the appropriate height, that is truly a frightening thought. The seat height is adjustable, but even at its highest, it's a bit short for Toad. It's not bad, and he quite likes it anyway, but it would be better if it were taller. Actually, if I could figure out a way to move the pedals a bit higher, and a way to extend the seat height a bit more, we'd be golden.

But Toadie does like it. And that's the important thing.

I have pictures...




Checking it out.


It has an adjustable tension knob so you can make it easier or harder to pedal. It also has a functional speed/distance/calorie read-out unit. A bit complex for something designed for young children, however, everything works, so I have to give them credit.








                                          Yay, it works!
















Buddy says, "since it's Toad's birthday, I think you should give me some bacon. I'm pretty sure that's supposed to happen. I have a 'bacon' provision for all special occasions in my contract. No? How about I stare at you with my demon-eyes until you give me some... "










                                  Playing with the speed/distance calculator.

                                  It doesn't actually come with instructions

                                  and I'm not sure how accurate it is, but, for

                                  what it's worth, it's there.















HA! Surprise-face :)



Yes, my Toad, I caught you with your enormous balloon on your bike.

Aside from the bike, there were a few assorted Blue's Clues books and a Blue's Clues toy I found on eBay that he's never seen before - a rare find, I was fairly certain we had everything! He was thrilled. One of the books came from the UK like at Christmas, so, it's Kevin again, not Steve. But Toad seems fine with that now, which is good, since a large percentage of what's available these days is there.

We had cupcakes and candles - Toad won't eat cake or cupcakes, but, he will play with the frosting and he really likes the candles, so, Zach and I end up eating it all because SOMEONE HAS TO. Shut-up.



Hard to believe my baby is THIRTEEN...

Happy birthday, my sweet Toadie. I love you.