Sometimes, People Listen

I realized last night that I hadn't updated you here on the Pacific Science Center situation. Last I mentioned it, I hadn't received anything from them yet.

Well, it had been several weeks since my phone conversation with the VP of Guest Services and I was about to write them off as far as following through on what she'd offered us. It was disappointing. Not because I wanted anything out of this, that wasn't the point. But it made me feel like everything she'd said had just been empty words, a smoke screen to placate me and none of it was sincere.

Then, this showed up in the mail:

And in the envelope with this, were passes to both the Science Center exhibits and the laser show.

This was awesome. It suggests that she took the conversation we'd had about what they could have done differently and actually discussed it with the staff. Which is all I was hoping for from this - a little more sensitivity, flexibility, and awareness on their part.

The passes are a bonus - a very cool one, because Toad loved the laser show so much.

The thing about this is that the letter I sent them wasn't nasty, wasn't even angry - even though I HAD been very angry at the time of the incident. I simply conveyed my sadness and disappointment at the experience we'd been subjected to there after relating the story of what had happened. I suppose that sometimes angry ranting has its place and may get you what you need, but, I believe that you will be taken more seriously, and your point may actually be taken to heart (as opposed to being given something to simply shut you up) if you are calm, and less accusatory. People are more likely to listen if they feel badly about something as opposed to defensive. Like when the old man suggested Toadie should be in a cage. I could have ripped him apart for his insensitivity, but instead I calmly explained the situation. He may have been a coward, but I guarantee you he thought about it. If I'd been angry and in his face, he simply would have gone on the defensive and learned nothing.

There are exceptions, I know. But the old "you attract more bees with honey..." saying holds true. That's not to say it can't be strong honey - for example, having photos of bite marks and/or bruises all over him after a couple of bad school incidents and making sure that the school district knew I had these photos, but in a very calm and polite way, was strong honey.

We can stand up for our kids without creating more negative situations in the process and it might just lead to more positive results in the future.

K, lecture's over, you can wake up and go home now. There might be a test on this later, though. :P


In other news, the hives persist. Oh yes, they are still here. With the amount of anti-histamine that Toadie is on now they are not nearly as horrible as they were, but they are definitely still popping up. He's had more blood work done, I'll keep you posted.