The ABC's of Josh

A is for Autism. It's also for Awesome, Amazing, Acrobatic and Angelic.

B is for Boy and his favorite dog Blue.

C is for Clues because he loves those too.

D is for Destruction, he's very good at that.

E is for Endless. Days, nights, requests, demands, amazement, patience, noise, wonder, frustration, love.

F is for French Fries, no surprise there.

G is for Grandma and Go in the car! The most frequent requests after fries, by far.

H is for Handstands, which he can do really well, also for Head please, his sweet show of affection. 

I is for iPad, now such a big part of his life.

J is for Jumping, he does this a lot.

K is for "Krunsti" (Kristi) whom he still asks for to this day.

L is for Loving and Learning, there's a lot of both here.

M is for "Mommy's coming!?" Both a question and demand all rolled in to one. He's clever that way. 

N is for "NO!", self-explanatory, and Naked, one of Toad's most preferred states. 

O is for Original, Toad is one-of-a-kind.

P is for Poop. *Sigh*

Q is for Quiet - if it is, you should worry...

R is for Rain and Rice. Both of which Toadies likes to play in.

S is for Scurry. Because we're in a hurry. Whisper this in his ear and see what happens...

T is for Tickles, they help him cheer-up. Also for Trip, Toad loves going away, challenging though it is.

U is for Upside Down, something that Toad always says when he wants me to tilt my head from side-to-side before he kisses my forehead.

V is for Voracious, eater of all things potato; watcher/reader of all things Blue's Clues.

W is for Water - he adores being in it and it's the only thing he drinks.

X is for Xenia, Ohio, where we went to get Buddy at 4Paws.  I'll bet you didn't think I had one for X. NEVER DOUBT ME.  :)

Y is for Yummy - He is. Also, it's one of his script words from both Blue's Clues and Little Bear. Both, appropriately enough, referring to cupcakes.

Z is for Zach, best (and funniest) big brother ever.



See what I did there?  ;)