Phoning it in

Alright so here's the thing. There are a number of interesting tid-bits floating around in my head right now but nothing juicy enough to become a full-fledged post. I am working on a couple of things off the crazy planet here, and apparently my brain only has so much room in it when it comes to writing.

So, I'll throw the bits I have at you and we'll see where it goes. Put the safety gear away, I throw like a girl.


1. DON'T TOUCH MY STUFF - I wrote a post a little while back about Toad's possessiveness when it came to the i-Pad. Well, over the last few months I've noticed that it's no longer just the i-Pad, and, it's also very specific to bedtime. Once the bedtime routine has been initiated (for us that means I've given him his 5 meds), if I so much as touch any of his things that are in his field of vision, particularly if they are near where he's going to lie down, he yells the name of whatever it is ("book!" "car!" "block!", you get the idea) and grabs it, holding it close to him. I'll confess it amuses me when I go to clear off a spot on the couch for him to lie down, and he's busy yelling at me and grabbing everything I'm trying to move out of his way. Next thing I know, Toad's trying to go to sleep with 8 things clutched tightly to him. Funny little Toad.

2. No, I'm not mean for being amused by Toad's idiosyncrasies. If he can poop on the floor, I can giggle at my junior hoarder.

3. And speaking of poo on the floor... so, did you know that naked, has a sound??? It totally does, I'm not making this up. Toadie's always had his phases of wanting to run around naked, and over the years, I have developed the ability to hear when he is. This is on my mind because he's currently IN one of those phases, I am fairly certain he has been without attire a good 17 times this morning alone. But I can tell when he's naked, even if he's not where I am. Because there's a sound to it. And I wouldn't begin to know how to try to describe this to you, but everything he's doing just sounds... different, when he's got no clothes on. Zach can back me up on this - I'll be downstairs, and will yell up to Zach to check on Toad because he sounds naked. Sure enough, Zach will confirm my suspicion and then demand to know how I knew from downstairs. SAME WAY I ALWAYS KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING EVEN WHEN YOU THINK I CAN'T SEE YOU, my young Jedi.

True Story: I actually had Zach convinced that I might just have eyes in the back of my head when he was younger, totally freaked him out. If you've read my side-bar recently, this won't surprise you - about him OR me. 

4. RELATIVITY - Recently I was startled by the observation that Toad appeared to be shrinking. Suddenly he just seems... shorter. There can't be all that many explanations for this. I'm pretty sure I'm not getting any taller. And Toadie isn't really shorter. But guess what? Big brother IS taller. Quite a lot taller these days. In fact, the Z-man is perilously close to being eye-to-eye with me now, which, it would seem, has caused a real paradigm shift here. I used to have two little dudes. Now I have one little dude, and a ... guy. A guy who will be able to drive in a little over a year. Did I mention that Toadie seems a lot smaller these days??? (hint: this is my maternal brain protecting itself. My focus is on the Toad, because wrapping my mind around big-brother's fast approaching adult-hood is more than it can handle at the moment.)

5. RANDOM OBSERVATION#1 - Are the Housewives of Orange County (notice I left out the "real") actually different people? I swear they all look like the same chick. I have never (and will never) watched the show, but I've seen ads. I seriously can't tell them apart.

6. RANDOM OBSERVATION #2 - I was watching a Friends re-run the other night. Rachel should have ended up with Joey. DON'T ARGUE WITH ME.


7. If you need us, me, naked hoarder Toad and this Guy, will be here waiting for Zombies and talking the dog down from his sugar high.

Or maybe we've gone out to get fries.

You never know.