I Wrote a Poem for Mother's Day, so now you Have to Read it

Roses are red, violets are blue,

it's a Mother's Day post - no really, it's true!


Last year a note to my mom I did write,

but she doesn't read my blog - it's because of her sight.


So this year I post just to mark the day, 

so how about you read it - come on, whaddaya say?


What shall I do, on this day that is mine,

two children I spawned, this calls for some wine!

Too early for that so we'll save it for later,

I'll be at home for dinner, so it won't come via waiter.


After writing this post, I think what I'll do,

is take the dog out for a bit - then pick up Buddy's poo...


My Toad he was up at 4:30 today,

"mommy's coming!?" he says, and of course, I obey!

My sweet little dude, again covered in hives,

how much mystery can he bring in to our lives?


Big brother Zach, growing up fast now it's true,

so awesomely special, this child that I grew.

From purse babies to politics and Buddhist inclinations,

there isn't much that escapes his mind's machinations.


From the Museum of Glass a bracelet so beautiful,

and a bouquet of white tulips, from my boys, ever dutiful.


What more can I say on this day about mothers?

I'll still be picking up poo 364 of the others.


Happy Mother's Day everyone :)