Toadie Style

Well then. It is with much glee - not that Glee, and no, I don't watch it. Let it go - that I inform you that Toadie has won an  award.

An award, for being STYLISH.

Oh hell yes, because, well, did you see the square-dancing pictures?!? Come on, he wears Uggs all day, trendy young women everywhere are nodding their heads in approval. They ARE.

Now, the award itself is just this little badge we get to put on the blog:




Yes, it says "Blogger" and no, Toadie doesn't blog. As far as I know.

If he did I'm sure it would read something like this... "We go in the car?

Go on a boat? Take Zachary to the pool? Sand? French Fries? Go in the car? 'tatoes?  Go in the car? Boat? Blue's Birthday. French fries? Go in the car? Take Zachary to school? French fries? A clue a clue. Bug. It must be bug. Along came a bug. Go in the car? French fries? Go to a restaurant? "

But I digress.

My loyal Aussie reader Meredith changed up the process, and frankly, made it better, by awarding this to the ever so stylish children written about by the not-quite-as-stylish-as-their-kids bloggers she reads. People, this woman referenced meerkat scrotum... um... scroti? scrotums... THERE'S MORE THAN ONE, YOU FIGURE IT OUT... on her blog, of course she knows what she's doing.

So now I'm supposed to tell you 7 things you didn't already know about Toad. Um, well, you know an awful lot about him already, so, this might be tough, but let's see what we can do. We. Meaning me and Big Foot. He's back from his vacay in North Carolina, apologized for scaring the crap out of me when I was a kid, we're hangin' out...

1. When he wants to kiss your forehead he'll say "head please". Yes, I know you know that. What you don't know is that when he wants to kiss MY forehead, he says "wrinkles".  That's right, laugh it up. I earned these lines. Shut up.

2. Cutest thing he does (aside from the forehead kissing) is to sit with his knees perfectly tucked under him, like he's kneeling, with his feet crossed over one another just under his butt... that would hurt too many of my joints if I did it for more than a minute, but he'll sit like this forever and man, is he cute when he does...

3. Food dyes? Go. Right. Through. Him. Toadie and the technicolor poop. It's fun (?)  Especially blue and green.

4. All fries and all Blue's Clues episodes, are not created equal. There are fries he won't eat, and episodes he won't watch. His reasoning for any of it, however, remains a mystery.

5. He does not recognize/understand the concept of, himself. If you point to a picture of him, and ask him who it is, he will always answer "it's Zachary". Always. If he's looking in a mirror, and you ask him the same question, the response is different, but still very interesting - he'll say "it's me, Steve".  So, does that mean he does get that it's "me" (him) in the mirror and he answers with a script that includes the word, or does he think he's Steve??? I DON'T KNOW.

6. Loud noises never used to bother him, but now they do. To the point where he'll put his hands over his ears and leave the room. Vacuum, blender, hair clippers, ALL VERY BAD. When he gets his hair cut now, our beloved Ryan will use scissors over most of it, and the quietest clippers she could find (and I think she told me she ordered at least a dozen different ones to find the quietest ones she could for him... we love her so much!) for a little bit around his ears and on the back of his neck. He used to tolerate clippers for most of the sides and back. Not now.

7. Sometimes, he will just get tearful and sad for reasons I never know. All of a sudden he'll just be really quiet with tears streaming down his face, and so, so sad... it breaks my heart, and makes me cry too. He's been doing this every now and then for as long as I can remember. All I can do is hold him and let him kiss my "wrinkles". My sweet little Toadie.


There. Seven things you didn't know before about my stylish Toad.

Now, apparently, I'm supposed to pass this award along to a bunch more people.


Sunday, from Extreme Parenthood (her name is Sunday, which I love - she's ice cream and a day of the week, BEAT THAT!)

Meredith (another one!) from Bueno Baby (she takes kick-ass pictures and her little girls are so cute you might die. I'm serious. Go see for yourself then get back to me when you've been defibrillated.)

Jenny, The Bloggess  (she is the Queen of the blogosphere, and too big a deal for this type of thing, but come on - she wears "confidence wigs", the occasional panda suit, and got Wil Wheaton to send her a picture of himself collating paper. How can I not include her???)

Shawn, aka Backpacking Dad (he's a dad. He wears a backpack. His kids ride around in it. This is self-explanatory.)

Karyn, Karyn Climans and CEO of Tailwags Helmet Covers (she promotes stylish noggin protection. Enough said.)

That's not as many as I think we're supposed to give you, but whatever, I'm tired - someone please explain to me why I felt it necessary to quit drinking coffee - and those 5 will give you more style than most people can handle on any given day. I should mention that if any of the above mentioned Stylistas read this, you are supposed to tell us 7 things we didn't already know about YOU, and then carry on with promoting your own list of stylish bloggers or, whatever the hell you want.


Thank you, Aussie Meredith, Toad would accept this award himself, but, he's busy doing Toad things. But here's a picture that might do the trick...






The boots are mine.

 The style? All Toad.