Animal Planet

It's an exciting day here on the Planet - I have my very first Guest Blogger!

He is new to blogging so cut him a little slack. Ok, he's new to typing, keyboards, reading, chairs, and computers too. But don't let his lack of thumbs worry you. Planet Josh has not gone to the dogs! Well, just one. And his name is Buddy.

If you think about it, if it weren't for a letter or two, it really would be all about the dogs. Dogspot. Dogger. Dog World and New Meat Expo. Doggy Bootcamp. See? Maybe we're doing it wrong...




I get to sit in the chair I get to sit in the chair I get to sit in the chair OMG I get to sit in the chair! This is awesome, oops  - wait, I fell off, ok, this chair moves, that is scary but I GET TO SIT IN THE CHAIR!

She never let's me sit in the chair. But this one moves. The other ones don't move. I think. I AM SITTING IN THE CHAIR! Wait, where's she going? I have to follow her. I don't know why. But I MUST follow her. I can't stop following her. But I get to sit in the chair! This is hard. Can someone read this to me I have no idea what it says. I don't really speak English. I think I have to pee.

Can I go outside? I wanna go outside. Please? I wanna go OUT. Outside. THERE. LET ME OUT. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssse????? She's getting the leash omg she's getting my leash omg omg omg omg my leash! We're going out, YES! I'm already leaving, whoops, oh, I have to have the leash ON? I really have to pee. WHOA what's that smell??? Did you see that? WHAT WAS THAT? Can I play with it? Is it food? Can I play with my food? Maybe I should bark at it. <woof>

I'm out! omg I'm outside! I'm going to stand here and do nothing. Hey, whaaaaaa !?! I think there's water on me. I don't like water. Hey stop that, water. Um, could someone tell her there's water dropping on me? Ew, there it goes again... water... dropping... on ... me. What? Why do  I have to move? OMG wind. So. Many. Smells. I could just stand here for hours. Except THERE'S WATER DROPPING ON ME. Huh? No, I do not want to move I'm standing here doing nothing. But I don't like this water on me. Can we go in? Please? Why is she trying to make me stay out when the water is dropping?

YAY we're going in! Sitting on the mat, getting the water off, this is so. much. better. Than out there. Where the water is falling. You can see it right? Outside? I can too. Yeah right there. I'm standing right at the door so I can see it. Um. I have to pee. Didn't I tell you that already? People don't listen. Can we go out? Please? I wanna go out. Oh man, I have to scratch the side of my head...

So, we're not going out?

Fine, I have to lick myself and maybe some other stuff anyway. Are you going to eat that?



Or maybe not.                     






Buddy's Blogging Tip of the Day:

If you aren't sure about something, bark at it.