What's His is, Well, HIS.

A couple of tid-bits for your entertainment:


Two nights ago, Josh was asleep on the couch and I was sitting near him. I gently pulled the i-Pad away from where it was next to him, started Angry Birds, and turned the sound way down so as not to wake the Toad. Let's face it, sling-shotting birds at mean pigs is fun and the i-Pad is the only thing we own that we can play it on.

I managed to get 1 bird off, when all of the sudden Toad's hand is on the i-Pad and he yanks it away from me. HE WAS ASLEEP. I don't know how he heard it since I had the sound down, and he was, after all, sleeping. But his "someone other than me has my i-Pad" senses were clearly on high alert given how fast he snatched it back from me, then proceeded to re-settle himself with it hugged close to his body.

Once we were over the shock/surprise, Zach and I laughed for about 5 minutes straight.


In other news....



All I can say is, I am REALLY glad we don't live there. It's hard enough curbing the obsession without constantly being assaulted by the smell....