So a couple of interesting things have happened regarding Toad so far this week.


When I took him in to his classroom for school yesterday morning, one of his classmates said, "hey, I had a dream about Josh last night". Which seemed very ... cool... to me. And I'm not sure why! I thought about it. I think maybe it's because I see Toad in such a very narrow context, and he has so few people in his life in general, I don't ever really think about him as being part of anyone else's context. But he is, he spends 6 hrs a day at school with his classmates and teachers. I was fascinated by this, if it hadn't been disruptive I would have loved to have asked him questions about his dream. What was Josh doing in the dream? Did it take place at school or somewhere else? Was it a good dream? I'm still not entirely sure why I'm so interested in knowing these things. Josh was important enough somewhere in the recesses of this other child's brain to show up in a dream. Just seemed, I don't know, maybe it was such a normal thing to say it took me by surprise - I'm not used to much normalcy when it comes to Toad.


Speaking of normalcy, I was informed by Toadie's aid yesterday after school that in music class for the rest of this week, they were going to be ... square dancing. Yes, SQUARE. DANCING.

I remember square dancing at school. We used to do it in PE class. It was always a big deal because we'd get lined up across from the boys and whomever you were facing was your partner for the class, oh. em. gee. BOYS...

At least I think she said music class. I suppose it could be PE... which conjures images in my head that make me giggle and then think... oh geez... all at the same time. I think I mentioned when Toad started middle school in the Fall, that he was required to wear the school PE uniform this year - this was new for us. So they ordered him the smallest size they were able, which, is still about 3 times too big for him. But rules are rules, he wears it anyway. My little Toadie. In his giant, shiny, satin shorts that come below his knees, almost mid-way down his calves; too-big t-shirt; AND HIS UGGS. Oh yes, the Uggs. Because as we all know, he won't put anything else on his feet. Unless he can get his hands on someone else's shoes, preferably ones that are several sizes too big.

Are you picturing this with me? Little Toad, giant PE clothes, and dark brown UGG boots. Dude, I SO want to square dance with you!!! I'm not being mean here, this whole thing is making me smile. Yes, he's the one that's not like the others, to borrow from Sesame Street for a moment, but damnit, he's Toad, and it's not his fault he has to wear the uniform that is too big for him. He's cute, and PE makes him happy.

I have no earthly idea how the whole square dancing thing will go. He will "dance" ... sort of... in his own way sometimes, usually involves bopping up and down a bit, and I can get him to twirl around under my arm. I just hope that if he does participate to any extent that someone takes a picture for me, or at least can describe it in enough detail so I can see it in my head and then write about it. I assume they will simply partner him with his aid or the young lady that is his peer "helper",  but I don't know for sure.

Square dancing. Toad. Words I never anticipated hearing together. I'm really hoping he participates. Not for any particular reason except that I can see him having fun with it, and it would be a chance for some of the other kids in his school to interact with him in a fun way. That would make me smile.