A Steve by Any Other Name...

...would be Kevin?


Shakespeare is laughing, trust me.


I know I've mentioned that of all things Blue's Clues, Josh loves the books as much if not more than the show itself. This has meant keeping them in steady supply, which usually happens for his birthday and Christmas. It also means having to get the majority of them through Amazon Marketplace and eBay, since the show has been out of production long enough that new ones are fewer and far between.

This last Christmas was no exception.

I was pretty pleased with myself too - found quite a treasure trove of them being sold through Amazon Marketplace. Used, but I was able to find sellers who had the ones I wanted in "like new" or "very good" condition, and, they were cheap.

I probably bought about 10 this way. All from different sellers. Most got here by Christmas, a couple trickled in the week after, but Josh doesn't care so it was cool.

There was one, however, whose expected delivery date seemed ridiculously far from the time I'd ordered it. But it was a book I know Toadie loves, and I couldn't find one anywhere else, so I just assumed they were using the cheapest shipping option available and let the order stand.

The holiday came and went, the few books that came late arrived within the week following, 2011 arrived and the kids went back to school. I actually forgot about that one book still to come.

Then at the beginning of February, a package showed up in our mailbox. From England. Addressed to me, it looked like a book. Who the hell is sending me a book from England? I didn't order anything like this... and then I opened it. Wait, this is a Blue's Clues book... omg, this is Toad's book, wtf, that seller lives in ENGLAND?! How did I not notice?

Don't answer that.

No wonder the shipping took so long.

So I took it completely out of the package to look through it - so far I've only had one bad experience with an Amazon Marketplace seller. They'd identified the book as being "like new", but the one that we got was in worse condition than what I was trying to replace! So I wanted to make sure the book was ok to give to Toad - I knew he'd be excited, this is an old-school book, with clues (they don't all have them) that he just loves.

This is the book:      


I started flipping through the pages and came across this.....   



                                W. T. F.  Who is THAT ?!?!


                                 No, seriously, who is it?








Apparently, it's KEVIN.


 Hey Kev.



OK. So in England, Steve is not Steve, he's Kevin. Good to know.


I had no idea what Toadie was going to do with this. THAT'S NOT STEVE.

This, is Steve:


It's not even Joe ....     

Who replaced Steve on the show in the U.S. when Steve Burns left. Now Josh actually handled that transition fairly well. But probably for 2 reasons. First, Nickelodeon never replaced Steve in episodes or books or toys that had already come out, so, you never saw Joe in a book that Steve had been in, they never re-did shows with Joe, that Steve had done. Second, they did a lovely job on the transition, creating a story for it as well as easing everyone (especially frantic mothers like me who were convinced it was going to be the end of the world for their kids who were obsessed with the show) in to it over a 3-episode arc. Toad was fine. Took me a while to get over it.

But this was different - this was a book that Toadie has had, and Steve is in the book. So I just didn't know what he would do with it.

He happened to come in to the kitchen where Zach and I were still in "who the hell is KEVIN?" mode.  He saw the book in my hands and grabbed it... ok, well, there we go, let's see what happens...

He did what he does with every new Blue's Clues book, flips through it quickly to see if it's a book with clues in it, or if he knows the book already, he flips to the pages where he knows the clues are. He got to a page with Kevin on it and stopped. He looked at it for a minute. Then he flipped back through and found more Kevin pictures. Then he put the book aside. 

Hmmmm. I knew this had thrown him off - under normal circumstances, he would have sat with the book and flipped between the clue pages for an hour. So I was sad that I'd messed up because he really likes this book.

But with time, he's gone back to it. And he does look at it a lot now, with one exception: he skips the pages with Kevin on them. Sorry, Kev. All of the rest of it is exactly the same as the Steve version, so those are the parts he looks at.

Lesson learned.


Just for fun, as I was writing this, I decided to look to see if any other Not-Steves were out there...

That, my friends, is the elusive Korean Steve. This is the only clip I could find, and even though the Korean version was (is? ) a big hit, there is very little else available. 

This is Duarte, the Portuguese Steve. He's kind of awesome. Unlike the Korean version, there are a lot of clips of this one out there - he's good!


And for my U.S. readers to see the difference, and my UK readers so you can see your boy in action, here, is Kevin:


There is rumor of a Djiboutian version, with their own host, Ja'quavian, but you can't find any clips or pics, sadly.

Most of the other 60 countries that show it have simply dubbed the U.S. version.