Child-proofing Seatbelt Buckles - The Final Verdict

I promised you an update once I'd had a chance to really see how that last device was going to hold-up, so I waited to write this until I had a couple of weeks and a variety of Josh's moods while using it, under our belts (no pun intended).

And I have a verdict for you.

This one is good. As I suspected it would be just looking at it, but, it's always helpful not to mention more credible, to have real experience to go on as well.


This is the device: 

This is how it arrived out of the shipping package. This was not the name of it on Amazon where I found it but it IS the same device. An important note: you can only use this one with a buckle that has the release button on the TOP , it is not made for a side or front button release.

To use it you simply sit it over top of the female end of the seat-belt buckle, buckle the male end as you normally would, just slide it through one of the slots first. That's it.

To release the buckle, you need to slide something slim through one of those slots and press the button release with it. The manufacturer has included these in the package: 

Which is nice, but I'm likely to lose them, or break them, so I just use my car key, it works perfectly well.

Josh has not been able to get this one off. Even in a fit of complete and utter rage last week, he couldn't do it. And it also has not broken. Success! I would suggest that if you have a child that has a higher level of cognitive functioning and better fine motor control than Josh, that you make sure there is nothing within reach that your child could use to slide through and pop the button. That includes the male end of the seat belt next to the one you are using, as that will work. If you need to tuck that belt back behind the seat, then make sure you do.

But Josh, particularly when he is angry, is not going to be able to remove this one.

It is certainly the best of the 3 that I have tried recently. Well made, without any obvious design flaws.

It's keeping Josh in his seat, which is keeping him, and the rest of us, safe. This is fantastic, as it was starting to look like I wasn't going to be able to leave the house with him for a while there.

Thank you, Buckle Boss ® !