Super Bowl XLV - Planet Josh Style

Pre-Game Show: Josh is laughing hysterically near the kitchen. He had been with me not 3 minutes before. Sometimes, you just know when you should be checking things out, so I follow the laughing sounds to discover that in those 3 minutes he'd managed to find and dump a box of baking soda on the floor (a la the powdered sugar from last week and the Coffee Mate incident...) and was happily playing in it. Very. Happily. I know what you're thinking. You wonder why, at this point, I don't just go through all my cupboards that he can reach and take everything remotely sensory and put it up where he can't get at it. You'd be right to wonder that. However, there are two reasons why I won't do that. First, I am short. If I put everything waaaaaay up where he can't get at it, that means I will also need assistance to get it. And I hate that. Having to drag a chair or a step-stool all around the kitchen to reach things in my own house?? It's bad enough I have to climb up on shelves at the grocery store to reach things, I'm not doing that at home.

Second, he's not the boss of me.

Fine. He is. Happy now? But my need to maintain the illusion otherwise is great.

It's mostly the first one. And I am quite well aware that the convenience of keeping things like that within reach comes at the expense of my time and sanity when it comes to cleaning up after him. I don't think there's anything left for him to get at now, though.


Coin Toss: I took a chance. He's been so great lately. I turned the tv on in the family room to watch the Puppy Bowl (DON'T JUDGE ME) on Animal Planet before the game. And he was fine with that.

At least I thought he was.

Kick-Off: When it was time for the actual game, all hell broke loose. Toadie was not having any part of football being on in his presence. All said and done he had different episodes of Blue's Clues running on the tv, his i-Pad, and his portable DVD player. I'm not kidding. Also? I blame the Puppy-Bowl.

First Quarter: Much like the Packers, I was firmly in control. I spent the first 10 minutes or so giving him a lot of sensory input - back, shoulder and head massage seemed to do the trick while he was sitting beside me. He calmed down. Once Toadie was settled and all 3 modes of Blue's Clues were running smoothly, I turned the game on the tv in the loft. I could watch the game, and still keep an eye on the Toad from there.

Second Quarter: Still in control, mostly. Had to run downstairs to check on Toad-man a few times when he'd leave my line of sight from the loft. After a while, I brought his DVD player and the i-Pad upstairs so that he would hang out closer to me. Then, as the quarter was nearing its end, something set him off and he went ballistic.

Halftime: Much like the Black-Eyed Peas, I spent halftime struggling. I got head-butted once, and spent most of the time deflecting pinching and arm-flailing. It's the worst episode he's had since we sorted out all the meds. But, I had him on my lap and I just kept trying to get him to relax - by the end of halftime, we were groovin' to the music and he was laughing and giving me forehead kisses.

Third Quarter: Still following along with the Packers' mojo, I'd lost my ability to dominate the game. I was up and down the stairs, just trying to keep up with Toadburger. He needed food, he needed different episodes of Blue's Clues. I was losing ground. But at least he was happy.

Fourth Quarter: It was close. Definitely a battle to the end. No sooner would I get upstairs then he would be asking for something else again. I was on the verge of just saying, fine, I give up, I'll stay down here and not try to watch any more. He and the Steelers almost had their moment. But the Pack and I held on, gave it one last go - they won the game and I got to see it.


And the crowd went wild.


 ps. Of the ones that I saw, I have to say that Volkswagen gets my vote for the best ads this year. The mini-Vader was awesome and this one was just creative, fun, refreshingly un-offensive and has the best music...

Doritos did make me laugh, and Audi was also really creative. Otherwise? meh. Groupon and Pepsi Max actually managed to offend me.