It's Valentine's Day. I'm Writing a Post.

I am not sure I know of any celebratory day that polarizes people more than this one. Valentine's Day has just as many haters as it does lovers, as well as everyone in between.

To me, this day is a celebration of the heart. It's not just about having a husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/significant other, it's about your heart, and anyone whom you choose to give it to, or who gives theirs to you. Kids, friends, relatives, pets, doesn't matter. If you have a heart? You can and should celebrate today.

There are those who will argue that you shouldn't need a designated day to tell people you love them or thank them for loving you. And they are right. You don't need a special day for that - you shouldn't require a specified day to express your feelings and/or appreciation. However, there is nothing wrong with celebrating love. How could there be?


These two  

have my heart and they always will. They teach me about love, life, patience, wisdom, laughter, heartbreak, and so much else every day. They have taught me about myself and about the world around us. Their hearts are open and they give them freely and with hope that their love will be returned. Yes, I include Josh in this. He can love, we see it and feel it from him. He is very affectionate and he needs it from us. Just because it doesn't always jibe with how or when you want it or feel like giving it, doesn't mean it's not there.

I say it and try to show it every day. But today we celebrate love, so to my most amazing Valentines, Zach and Josh:  I love you, and I am so very thankful to have such wonderful boys taking care of my heart.


Be good to your heart today, fill up someone else's. They're the only ones we have...


ew....   lol :)