Oh Hey Blog, What's Up?

So, sorry for disappearing there, I didn't really mean to run away from the blog.

Real life is kind-of eating my face off right now so, sadly, writing is taking a back seat to preventing the vultures from plucking out my eyeballs. It's hard to concentrate. They're rather persistent.

ANYWAY, I do have some posts rolling around in my head so hopefully I'll be able to shoo the angry birds away for a bit this weekend to throw something up here. Not actually throw up, because that would be gross. Also, hard to edit.

I do have a little present for you, though.

Just got these back yesterday:





 Hi there, smiley Toad :)


His aide told me that the photographer was really great about taking a million shots to get a good one - it's exceptionally difficult to capture him smiling in pictures, even though he does smile a lot. Usually the school pics people will only take a couple of shots of each kid, but they made an exception for him and I am very glad they did.




Also? Zach just turned 15. Which can't be right. But I made enormous cupcakes anyway, in case this whole "I'm only 3 years away from 18" thing wasn't just a terrible, terrible hoax.







Sorry little man, you're not allowed to be 15 already.



That should work, right?