Let's Play "What are you Chewing on?"

Interesting game, this is, at least with Josh.

So he was running around this morning as usual and I noticed he was chewing on something. I hadn't given him anything and none of the usual places he steals things from were open, so, I decided to investigate.

Most of the time, he's pretty good about opening up and letting me check out what he's got in there. Unless it's something he thinks will get taken away from him, then he clams up.  He wasn't letting me in there this time. So I had to chase him around a bit, and finally got him to open up and he spit a small, hard, white thing in my hand. It was a tooth. One of his molars, I think, from the size of it. Which would make sense at his age. Now I've only ever seen a couple of teeth that Josh has lost before, and only because I found them on the floor.

Then he tried to grab it and put it back in his mouth... I tried to explain that he couldn't chew on it. Which made him angry. Did my best to equate it to a Little Bear episode he watches when Little Bear loses a tooth, hopefully he sort of gets it. He's still a bit perturbed - I was trying to take a picture of it and he kept trying to take it back. My abilities with a camera are fail as I can't seem to get a decent one of the tooth in question, it's a bit too small to get anything more detailed than a white blur. You're just going to have to trust me on this one.