A River Runs Through It. Or a Railroad. Or something.

"In the parental scholastic chauffeuring system, the people are represented by two separate, but equally important groups: the parent, who operates the vehicle; and the children who confuse them. These are their stories. "



Well, one of them, anyway.


In the car, on the way to school a few mornings ago:


ME: "Wow, Zach - look at how full the river is!"

ZACH: "Hmm? All I can see is running water... "


ME: ....

"um, right."

ZACH: "What? I thought you said that the railroad was full. All I can see is the water."

ME: ....

"what railroad? And what does that even mean?"


ZACH: "I don't know, you said it. What are we talking about?"

ME: "I have no idea."


ZACH: "omg the river is almost flooding!"

ME: ....


 The characters in this story are real. Any resemblance to ourselves is purely intentional.

Also, Zach said it was ok.  :)