R.I.P. Terrible Cat Piano

Today we said good bye to obnoxious cat-piano #4. 

This one was a fighter.  It had survived a couple of shampoo dousings and the infamous toothpaste incident.  It could not, however, handle the 2 gallons of pee that Josh decided to unload on it this afternoon.

Maybe the orange ones are heartier than the purple ones??? Who knows.

I will not miss you, your songs make me want to use a cheese-grater on myself.  And this from a woman who's been listening to Blue's Clues for 12 years straight.

But I'm sure we will see another incarnation of you in the not too distant future.  Oh I'll let Josh live without you for a little while.  Give myself a small break from the assault of the cat-songs.  But we'll be back at Target before long, he will find you, he will smile and get joy from you, so you will end up in our cart.  And back in the house. 

Be prepared though, whatever color you might come in this time, at some or several points during your time here you WILL be shampooed and likely peed on. 

Josh loves you.  Apparently, that is how he shows you.