Listen!.... do you Smell Something?

So I was trying to get Josh dressed this morning.  He is sick, has been the last few days, laryngitis, fever off and on, now some GI stuff, all very fun..... so he's not at school.  This has also not helped his overall mood, which as you know, has been pretty tough the last few months.  Also, we think he may have broken a toe - baby toe on his right foot, when he was running the other night and smashed his foot in to the corner of the wall.  It's still swollen and bruised and getting his shoes on is impossible at this point. 

So poor toadie, having a time of it lately. ANYWAY.... I was trying to get him dressed because I had to run in to Zach's school for a few minutes this morning when I was dropping him off and Josh would have to come in with me.  So he's jumping around a bit, a little clammy from the off-and-on fever, and all of the sudden, I smell something.  Josh can produce some pretty foul smells since he is not yet potty trained, but it wasn't anything to do with that.  No, this was a smell I knew, but in the situation this morning, it confused me. 

It was body odor.  Stinky, musky, smelly, sweat-smell.  I actually sniffed under my own arms.... which is ridiculous, since, oddly, I don't smell when I sweat.  I could work out 7 days running with NO shower and you'd never know it.  I could probably get smelly if I really wanted to, but it would take a lot.  I digress.  Needless to say, it wasn't coming from me.

As the realization crept over me I lifted Josh's arm and sniffed his little armpit.... that's when the universe unraveled.  It was Josh.  He SMELLS.  Smells like a sweaty, stinky, man. WTF. !?!?  I realize he's 12.  I realize puberty is on its way.  But if you've been here with me for any length of time you know how I feel about THAT.  I'm shattered.  I honestly had myself convinced my little toadie would just stay my little toadie.  Forever. And now I'm beside myself, as it seems more likely that this mood shift of his is related to hormones.  He's so angry all the time now it's just breaking my heart.... 

Puberty is an asshole.


ps. honorable mention to the first person who can correctly identify the movie the title of this post is from....