Pimp My Ride

**Another one I wrote for Momversation that got lost in their "make-over" **


As moms we are often stereotyped by the vehicles we drive. We are constantly referenced in the media this way: minivan driving soccer moms and aggressive SUV driving moms would be the most common examples of this. When I bought my first car, I remember being teased by friends for buying a “family sedan” simply because it had 4 doors. Do the vehicles we drive really define us?

To a certain extent, I think they do, at least as far as family cars go. There is definitely a correlation between having a family and owning/driving a larger vehicle, like a van or an SUV of some sort, it only makes sense. More bodies require more seats/doors/space, it’s not rocket science. But that doesn’t define you as a mom or parent. I know plenty of people without offspring that drive SUV’s, primarily because of the things they like to do. The minivan is a little different, I suppose, I can’t say that I really know anyone without kids or a family who drives one. They are really nice to have though, so easy for everyone to get in to and out of, the doors slide open and shut instead of swinging so the kids aren’t smashing the cars parked next to you…

What I don’t really get are the negative connotations that family-oriented vehicles inspire in people. I love driving. I love cars. Does the fact that I used to drive a minivan and currently drive a mid-sized SUV make me one of the un-cool kids on the road? No way! Or at least it shouldn’t. Apparently Toyota agrees with me:


I have always been a fan of MTV’s Pimp My Ride. I joke with my oldest about sending them a letter so that Xzibit will show up at our door one day to pimp-out the MDX. I think this should happen. Why should college kids or young adults starting new careers be the only ones to merit all the cool car stuff ? I can already tell you what they should do to it: built-in coffee maker; big-screen built-in to the back that is connected to a hard drive loaded with every Blue’s Clues episode ever and set to recognize Josh’s voice commands; french-fry maker/dispenser; a hidden desktop that Zach can bring out with a remote and WiFi so that he can do his homework on his laptop in the car; i-Pad built in to my steering wheel so I can blog, twitter, e-mail, and everything else while I’m sitting in school pick-up/drop-off lines; a hands-free direct line to my most frequented grocery establishments so that I can call in my orders on the go and they’ll be ready when we get there; a real fountain, soft lighting and relaxation music that automatically come on when I’m stuck in traffic; massage chair in the driver’s spot; and of course, a kick-ass stereo. For the outside, I was thinking something along these lines:

It just turned 5 years old and has almost 90,000 miles on it already (and I’m a SAHM???) I don’t really think this is too much to ask.


Could I at least just get the coffee?