... for the dwindling frequency of posts over the last month or so. It's been a bit of a rough summer with the Toad, probably the worst I can remember for a long time.  Of course I should write something about this! And I will.  It'll be significantly easier once he's back in school, though, which for him starts on the 7th.  I'll get something up between now and then, I'm just saying the posts should be more frequent once I have the day-time to myself again. 

Here's a little snap-shot of what it's been like:  Josh asks a thousand times a day to go in the car.  I tell him we're going at such and such time, to do whatever.  He freaks out when he thinks it's been long enough and we haven't gone yet.  We go. He asks for the store. We go.  He starts screaming "NO!" as soon as I park.  He starts asking for fries.  I leave. He starts screaming again. We go get his fries. He is STILL screaming, and he climbs out of his car-seat. I pull over to get him buckled back in.  I offer him the fries. He yells "GROCERY STORE!" .... oh, you mean the store we just left because you didn't want to be there 10 minutes ago? THAT store? Apparently.  I head back to the store.  Josh is humming incessantly.  We grab the few things we need.  Check out lady says "hi" to him, he keeps humming as though he were on the verge of a meltdown.  We get back in the car.  I buckle him in and hand him his fries.  We're good now. So, did I just do it in the wrong order??? Hell if I know.

Anyway, things should hopefully settle down soon.  Thanks for sticking with me!