Mid-Summer Up-Dates/Survival Post

Ok, so it's past mid-summer but there's still enough summer left to get away with that.  Don't make me come over there...

For me, summer is a double-edged sword.  As a kid, it was magic, 2 whole months of pure, unadulterated, all-play all-the-time, fun.  Even as a working adult there was still something a little special about free-time in the summer.  Once you are a parent though, it all changes, particularly when your kids are in school. 

School year is definitely busy.  Getting up and getting everyone going early, tons of driving, then there's the after-school decompression and occasional decompensation, karate classes, homework enforcement/help, dinner, bed-time, start over in the morning.  The few hours I get to myself each day are wonderful though, and since Josh is at school most of the day, there's less destruction in and of the house to worry about.  But I am not a morning person. At. All. Never have been.  So I really hate getting up so early every morning and seriously, the driving while school is in is insane.  The boys attend different schools that the universe has determined should remain as far apart as possible, despite Zach's school moving to a different location and Josh moving to Middle School this fall - fairly certain they are still as far apart as they have been the last several years.

I do look forward to my version of "sleeping in" during the summer - I don't really get to sleep any longer as my schedule is dictated by Josh, and his erratic sleep-wake cycle could care less what season it is.  But I do have the luxury of hanging around in my pj's longer than usual and I don't have to be getting lunches made, clothes ironed, and dog pottied all before 7am.  I don't have to nag Zach about his homework.  I don't have to worry about what school event or item he told me about and I forgot or that he forgot to tell me about but is happening or is needed tomorrow.  We do however have swimming, Josh's extended school year, and karate classes to get to, and I do not get the no-kids around time that I have when school is in.  ESY is only 3 hours, 4 days a week for 4 weeks, so Josh still has plenty of at-home-demolition time on his hands.  There is still toothpaste in my carpet, by the way.

So, pros and cons to the season. 

August, is a different beast entirely.  I'll get to this in a minute.

So, so far this summer Zach has been through 2 swimming sessions (5 mornings a week, 2 weeks per session) and will start a third on the 16th.  We started his Growth Hormone injections almost a month ago.  It's a sub-cutaneous injection that has to be given every evening before he goes to bed.  He *could* do it himself, but he's not comfortable enough with it yet, so I do it. He is definitely growing, now whether this is just his natural growth spurt or growth hormone induced, I don't know yet.  If he is going to respond to it well, we should see a significant difference within about 6 months of being on the GH so keep your fingers crossed!

Josh spent July in ESY (Extended School Year) and did well.  It will be nice, as his aide in ESY will be his new aide in middle school in the Fall, so, there will be some good consistency there.  He is off now though, for the remainder of the summer.  August is always the toughest time of the year with Josh.  He will not tolerate any kind of "scheduling" or anything that resembles "work" at home like he does in school, yet, he gets bored.  When he gets bored, he gets destructive and moody.  We can try to keep things busy for him, but it doesn't always help.  His dad just had family visiting for a week and had lots of activities planned for while they were here.  Unfortunately, although he absolutely adored going to the pool, everything else was hit or miss, mostly miss.  His unpredictability is really one of the most challenging parts of doing anything with him.  Sometimes, he can be amazingly great and he'll blow your mind with how easy he'll be.  Others, it's about as far from easy as he can get. 

You already know about the toothpaste.  He's also REALLY cultivating his other-people's shoes fetish.  Every night I find at least 4 or 5 different shoes in his room, none of them pairs, none of them his.  If it's not the shoes, it's the insoles.  Insoles. All. Over. My. House.  Every night I'm playing matchy-matchy trying to get the right insole back with its correct shoe.  This is probably very good for my brain though, so I won't complain.  Shoes.  Oh yes, it was NEW SHOE time last week.... if you haven't, you should go back and read my "If the Shoe Fits" post, you will understand why this is a significant event.  Think I was smarter about it this year though, I did this before school started, so now when I'm late getting him there it will just be because I fail at being on time.  Of course, he's been wearing everyone's shoes around the house all day, especially Zach's.  Now if I try to actually get him to wear Zach's shoes to go out somewhere, he'll enter smack-down mode. Because I think it amuses him to be ironic.

Next weekend I will be taking the boys up to Vancouver Island to spend a few days with my family at the beach, which will be a very welcome get-away.  Getting there however, is a lot of driving and ferry-riding with an unpredictable Josh, so, hopefully he'll be cool. 

On Monday the 16th, Josh will be 12.  I'm finding this hard to wrap my mind around.

Come September we'll have a new school, new teachers, and a new schedule to contend with.  So loads of adjusting on the horizon for Toadie McToad.  Will be interesting to see how it plays out.  OH! Almost forgot - his Papa (Bruce's dad) is giving Josh an i-Pad for his birthday, which I am SO excited about!  It's something that has shown a huge amount of promise with kids on the spectrum for all sorts of things, so we're really hoping that he can master the touch-screen controlling.  I will definitely keep you posted (we don't have it yet, hopefully will be here next week).

I had to miss the big BlogHer conference in NYC last week, but, I will be heading to BlogWorld/New Media Expo in Vegas in October, so I'm really looking forward to that. 

Anyway, that should get us all up to speed, hope everyone is having a great summer/winter depending on your hemisphere!