Today, I Lost a Friend

At approximately 11 am PDT this morning, my friend Bernadette passed away. The leukemia that she battled fiercely over the last year and a bit finally managed to take her body from us. It did not win though. It could not kill her spirit no matter how hard it tried, it never defeated her. She was strong, beautiful, and made me want to be a better person. I will always remember her this way, regardless of what the battle did to her body - I only ever saw the gorgeous, impossibly tall red-head whose smile was infectious, and whose compassion for others was overwhelming.

She was not my best friend but she was a friend nonetheless and my life will always be a little bit emptier without her.

My heart is aching for her family and all of those whose lives she touched while still in this world. I know she is no longer here read this physically, but I choose to believe that she will be aware of it as well the outpouring of love from all of her earthly friends and loved ones.

I'm glad your suffering is over, Berni. The sun is glorious today - I believe you made it shine, finally. Will miss you, but I know a few little ones and a couple of furry ones gone before that could use a spirit like you there with them.

Much love, lady,