Alternative Planet Josh Programming

So, apparently some technical badness happened while Momversation was making themselves over and they're broken.  If you've been to the site at all in the last 2 weeks you've probably figured that out already.  So broken that they have taken down the written articles section completely and will not be posting any guest blogger pieces until everything gets fixed. 

I am not entirely sure why it's taking so long to fix whatever is wrong and they are very vague about any sort of time frame on just when things will be back to normal over there.  In the meantime, I wrote a few pieces for them that never got posted and at this point won't be.  So, I'll post them here. Will make for a change of pace from my usual Planet Josh strangeness (um, Purse Baby?) and you don't have to go to the broken site to read them.

So I'll throw them up here over the next little while.

Also, there is some new stuff up on my not-a-mommy blog site, Sarah'n Dipity, if you feel like heading over there :)