One Small Step for Zach, One Mother of a Bungee-Jump for Me

Ask me where Zach is right now.

Go ahead, ASK.

As I type this, he is at a movie.  With one of his friends.  On their own.  Let me make this clear, just in case you missed it:  THERE ARE NO GROWN-UPS WITH THEM.

Zach is 13.  Will be 14 in October.  And yes, this is the first time he is doing something like this without adult supervision.  He is with one friend, they are seeing Despicable Me, I dropped them off at the theater and will be picking them up as well.  So all in all, a fairly tame outing.  But still.  As I sat in the car watching them walk to the theater, knowing I had to pull away from the curb and drive home, those apron strings tugging at me, I felt like I was perched on a bungee platform.  I wanted to jump, I knew I needed to jump, but I was scared.  Even though I knew it would be ok.  When I finally pulled away, and stopped looking back at them, I was proud of him and myself for making that jump.  I know he needs to be able to get out and do things on his own.  It's just, well, I know it's the first step away from me so it's bitter sweet.  This after watching him swim 500 yards at the pool this morning.  Non-stop.  That's 20 lengths.  Without stopping, you know, cause that's what non-stop means.....

aaaaaaaaaand postus-interruptus, I just discovered the upstairs bathroom door was open and now there is blue toothpaste all over the upstairs carpet, Josh, and his room. So yeah, I'll be back to finish this later.  If everyone is still alive. 


anyone know how to get blue toothpaste out of you know, everything?