Planet Josh has a sister...

... blog, that is ! Wanted to tell you guys about a second blog I just started - Sarah'n Dipity.  It's basically the place I can post things that have nothing to do with being a mom, autism, or parenting.  If you like Planet Josh and/or my Momversation posts, would love for you to come and check it out!  Can't tell you that's it's about anything in particular, just other things I'm writing about.


Also, to whomever keeps sneaking in to the house and leaving shampoo around for Josh to get in to - stop it.

Yes, he's at it again. The doors are all closed.  All of the shampoo seems to be where I left it.  I have no idea where these last 2 bottles came from.  Hence the sneaky shampoo-leaving-ninja theory. 

I'd have heard pirates.  They're noisy.