The Counter is Zero !?

Has gravity reversed itself?  Did someone forget to type the number sequence into the computer?  Did we enter an alternate universe or open our own McD's franchise?

For those that have been with me for a while it may have been a surprise to see that the french fries request counter has been at zero for the last 2 days.  No, Josh has not suddenly outgrown his obsession with the starchy-sticks.  It's an interesting thing, really.  He has a couple of really nasty chancre sores in his mouth at the moment as well as a tooth coming in near the same area.  This seems to be bothering him quite a bit, despite my giving him Motrin fairly regularly.  What he's doing to deal with his discomfort is the interesting part: he's not talking.  He is keeping his mouth closed though he will still eat/drink when necessary.  He is still trying to talk, he's just doing it with his mouth tightly closed. So what I'm getting is a lot of "Hmm hm hmm, hm hmm hhmm" when he is asking for something.  Even more interesting is that I can, in fact, tell what he's saying in some cases.  I'd like to take credit for mad mom skillz here, however, it's more a matter of recognizing the number of syllables and cadence of the "hmm's".  What I have not been able to recognize is anything that really sounds like "french fries".  There are too many other things he asks for that sound the same when you say them with your mouth closed.

Hence the empty counter.

The Blue's Clue's is a little easier for me to decipher what he's saying plus he can also go to the VCR/DVD player and just show me what he wants.

I hope his mouth heals up soon. Despite all the noise, I miss my little toad's words, hearing his voice.  And despite it being fascinating that he just comes over and "hmm hmm hmm's" away at me like I should just understand what he's saying, it's heart-breaking to see him trying to talk but not wanting to move his mouth because it hurts him.