New Kid on the Blog and "Fun" Things Josh did This Week

Check it out, I added something new - a Discussion section, just under the Log In link in the side bar.  Think of it as the Planet Josh community page, start your own discussions, ask questions, tell me a joke or what you had for dinner.  Read my welcome post for more details.  Yeah, that's right, dragging 2 of you out with my little readers' salutation JUST WASN'T ENOUGH.  :)

Oh, yes. Fun, and I use the term loosely, things Josh did this week.  Let's see, last weekend we were out to eat at a restaurant, he was done with his fries, but I noticed him chewing something.  And chewing.  And chewing.  Looked for all the world like he was chewing gum, but, I don't give Josh gum so...  oh...  dear. sweet. mother. He didn't.  Oh yes, he did.  Don't make me say it, honestly, it still makes me nauseous just thinking about it. 

NOTE TO SELF AND THOSE OF YOU OUT THERE WITH KIDS LIKE MINE: always check the underside of the tables/chairs when you go out. That's all I'm saying.

Moving along: had Josh at the grocery store with me one day and for reasons I can't explain, I made the fatal error of telling him "no, don't do that" when he was poking holes in the plastic of the paper towel package I had in the cart.  I should know better.  There wasn't any harm in what he was doing and I know that he gets very upset when you tell him not to do things, unless he's in drunk-skater mode and then he just keeps laughing.  So my fault.  Only this time when he started up with the unhappy Josh noise, he also started jamming a hand in between my legs, high enough up to be entirely inappropriate.

Well. This is new.

In the middle of the grocery store no less.

So THAT was fun.

In other news, Josh finished elementary school on Wednesday.  Nine years, three schools and two school districts later, he is off to middle school in September.  It's kind of a big deal.