Not that she will read this, reading things on the computer is not her favorite.  Maybe my brother will remind her to print it out... hi Pete :)

Not that I should require some special day to thank you for being my mom, but since I know I don't do it often enough, I'll take the opportunity here on Mother's Day.  Just wanted to let you know that it has been a privilege to be your daughter.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I've had to get to know you over the years and so very glad that you are my mom.  For everything that you have been and done, from starting a successful career in your 40's when you suddenly had to enter the work force, to substituting for me when I have needed you, I can't tell you how much I admire and appreciate who you are.  And no, this is not just because you clean my house and do my laundry when you come to visit, although once I decided to just not worry about that because you were going to do it no matter what, it was certainly a nice thing!  You could come and sit around and let me wait on you and it wouldn't matter, in fact, you should let me do that sometimes.  But that's not you, so I know it's not likely to happen any time soon or without too much of a fight.  You take care of me when I come and visit you, just like you always have.  When I am at your place it's like I'm still just your kid and I love it - even at almost 45, being a grown-up isn't really my cup-of-tea and I know you know that about me.  You are funny, smart, selfless and sometimes just as stubborn as I am and I love you.  I don't see how old you are when I look at you, I just see mom, the way you've always been and always will be to me. 

This is my mom, with my big sister and I.  I am the cute little baby (I know, what the hell happened?! And apparently I had a giant forehead even then... but I digress...).

Mom, me, and my big sister



I always have to laugh when people ask me if it's a problem when you come to visit. I know that some people even though they love their moms don't always get along that well with them or get stressed out having them around.  Not me.  You and I get along so well and I always have a great time when we are together.  Our public transit adventure last time I was visiting was hilarious and I hope we continue to have adventures for many years to come.




 I love you mom.  The boys adore you.  Buddy wants to know when you're coming back.

Happy Mother's Day, hope you got the flowers ok, and I'll talk to you later. :)