We Interrupt This Program...

**WARNING: Shameless self-promotion ahead**  

Minor schedule change this week, my Momversation post will be up on Monday.  Was going to go up tomorrow, but, editor just e-mailed and asked if it was ok if she waited 'till Monday - they will have a new video going up then which means more site traffic and she thinks my post is really good, so she wanted it to coincide with the higher traffic time :)

Alright, that's out of the way.

You should all be pleased to hear that there have been no further shampoo incidents for 6 whole days now.

DO NOT FORGET YOUR MOTHERS!  Mom's Day, this Sunday, don't forget (see how I put that up now, so that you still have a couple days to get your act together in case it snuck up on you as it does me every year?  I know, honestly, even as a mom I still can't remember this stuff sometimes, it's ridiculous! ).

Part 3 is coming.  Tomorrow, since there won't be a Momversation post up now.