Changes at Momversation

If you are wondering why no Momversation post this week, here is what is going on.  I did send in a story.  However, they have changed editors there, again, this will be the third one I have worked with in as many months. I had a good relationship with the first two, particularly the last one, who is still the editor for Momversation's sister site, Parents Ask

The new editor told me after I'd sent in my post that she is making a lot of style and content changes and from now on, the posts are limited in number of words (400 is the max) and they are asking us to write specifically on certain topics and then she gave me a list.  Despite telling me she likes my post, she wants to shorten it to the new limit, which would mean that she will have to cut more than half of it, as it was over 900 words.  I have serious doubts about being ok with this edit, so she said she would send it to me for approval before she posts it.  That was yesterday, and I have yet to hear anything more from her.  I am to write a "short" post about one of the listed topics for next week.  Sigh.  If I don't hear anything from her by tonight I will go ahead and post the story I had sent her here. Un-edited.  All of the topics she presented for the next post are new mom type stuff.  I've been through it all of course, it's just been a while for me, being on the older-side of this mom-blogging deal. I am going to put my own spin on what she's given me, see if I can still make this work.  They may hate it, I don't know, we'll see.

Anyway, just wanted you to know what was going on, I'm pretty bummed about the direction they seem to be taking as it looks more like they want volume over content (meaning they want to post a lot of short posts, instead of longer stories) and if the focus truly remains more on the new mom topics then I am not sure what the future of my writing for them will be. I know it doesn't really matter to you guys, it is important for me though, it's really where the majority of my "visibility" comes from.