So this morning started like any other weekday morning.  Got up, got Josh ready for school (Zach is away on a school trip), and piled him, my mom, the dog, and myself in the car to go drop him off as usual.  Traffic was light this morning.  Unusually so, but, it's pretty unpredictable so I was just happy I wouldn't be my normal 3-5 minutes late.  No buses around either.  Odd.  Come up to the school zone before the turn-in to the parking lot and the lights aren't flashing to slow down.  Hmmm.  I comment on it to my mom and notice that there are very few cars in the school lot.  Ok, so, there is definitely something not right here.  I take a look at the school's big message board out front and it has notes about the Memorial Day weekend and early release next week, but nothing about today.  I never got a school calendar this year and even though I have asked for one repeatedly it never came home.  So I pretty much rely on that big board to tell me they will be out early or there will be no school.  Yes, I downloaded a calendar from their website but it's sitting in PDF format on my desktop and really, who has time to keep opening that up to check when I have THE BIG SIGN?!  No, I didn't print it out.  I DON'T KNOW WHY, what is this, 60 minutes?  Anyway, I pull up to the drop off spot and there is no one there.  No other cars, no staff waiting for buses, no one.  Now I know there is something wrong with this picture.  I park the car.  Check the backside of my trusty Big Sign and no, nothing about it being a day off.  But the school is dark, there are no late kids straggling in, no staff around, nothing.  Josh is getting rammy in the backseat, this is not how things usually work so he's off his routine now.  I get back in the car and head home. 

After getting Josh settled in to the idea that he was going to be home today, I sat down at the computer, opened up that PDF file and sure enough - no school, it's a staff development day.  Sigh. The Big Sign let me down. 

And yes, I'm just that awesome, I had no idea that Josh had the day off today.