Again with the shampoo.  Really?  WELL, it's been almost 2 weeks I suppose we were due.  Zach and I sharing responsibility this time, he left the door open this morning and I forgot to do a door check upstairs when we got home after school.  Go us :P  I was feeling pretty pleased with myself too.  I had picked up a new bottle earlier while they were at school and thought, I'm so smart, I won't even put this up in the bathroom, I'll put it high up on a shelf down here in the kitchen... there was of course, still some left in the bottle up in the bathroom. 

Maybe my near stroke secondary to the continued coconut scented assault on my brain will erase the vision of Buddy eating some of Josh's poop this morning (don't ask).  Yeah, no it won't.

What the hell kind of freak show am I running here, anyway?!

Welcome to the planet.