Come on, admit it, one of you got in here while we were out and opened the door so that Josh could get his hands on yet another bottle of shampoo just to make me crazy... well, crazier, fine, don't get technical on me!

As I see it, here are the possibilities: 

1. Zach left it open - again, though after owning up to it last time he denies it this time.

2. It was never closed - which would make it my fault, and really, am I that careless after all this time? Probably.

3. Josh has learned how to manage the child-safety knobs. If this is the case, someone shoot me now.

Maybe someone just got tired of the coconut smell from the last bottle and prefers the Orange Mango Outburst  that is now pervading the house.  I'll bet it was the dog...


In other news: part 2 of the Service Dog story will be coming soon I promise, maybe late tonight, but for sure tomorrow.  Also, why the hell am I on Twitter now??  Honestly, no idea.  Internet peer-pressure is a bitch, that's all I can tell you.  Follow me, make fun of me, ignore it, it's up to you :)