My Dog Ate It....

.... well, ok, he didn't, but if I had actually written something he might have.  EXCUSES!  So I was fully intending on writing a new post today but due to a number of things which don't matter except that they have "interrogated my plans", as Zach would say, I have not.  So, tomorrow. 

I would like to quickly make a plea for people not to be shy about signing my Guestbook. I know there are people reading the blog (site admin tells me so :P ) but it would be really great to know who you are!  Don't worry, I don't sell anything, there will be no e-mails, solicitations, stalking... much... kidding :)  I'll be writing regardless, it's just nice to know who the audience is sometimes.

Oh and my microwave continues to emanate a faint Bacos-like smell despite numerous cleanings.  I knew you were wondering ;)