Smells Like Trouble...

     So Josh has been home from school for a little over an hour. Zach was home sick today. Josh was upstairs playing and I could have sworn I was smelling body wash even from my den downstairs. I call upstairs to Zach: "honey is that bathroom door locked?"  Zach: "ummmm..... uh.... oh.... um... no... I forgot... and um, Josh is in there.... "  I run upstairs as Josh takes off out of the bathroom, giggling non-stop, covered in body wash and shampoo from head to toe. As is the floor of the bathroom, the carpet in his bedroom, and an electronic toy keyboard he has, which I hope will continue to function after this. 

     Hey, at least the place smells great!


**back to the getting to know Josh posts tomorrow, this was just one of those moments that seemed noteworthy. I imagine there will be more of these :P **