I May not be Fresh but They Like me in Birmingham...

... eh, what?

OK.  So I was not voted as one of Momversation's "Fresh Voices" of 2010.  It's cool, it's a pretty niched blog so I didn't expect to be.  Also? I do very little to promote it, so, my readership is slow-growing :)

However, this happened http://birminghamblogging.com/2010/12/27/the-bloggers-i-met-at-blogworld-2010/

Wade is very knowledgeable about blogging and successful in his area, he was also a presenter at one of the sessions I attended at BlogWorld in October.  For him to take note of our little planet here and be so generous in his praise and advice, means a great deal and I am honored to have been included on his list.





And in case you'd like to know just who IS "fresh" according to Momversation's readers/bloggers ?  Here are the winners: