Ok, I've stopped accidentally getting in to arguments over Twitter long enough to continue my Adventures in Vegas series.  Next up?  THEhotel.

When I registered for THEconference, THEsite mentioned that there would be rooms available to attendees at a discounted conference price at both THEMandalay Bay (conference was there) as well as THEhotel - which is actually part of Mandalay Bay.  Kind of.  It's what's known as a "Boutique Hotel", and it is located within THEMandalay Bay and conference center complex.  I checked out both hotels and thought THEhotel looked really nice so I booked it.

Yes, its name is "THEhotel", exactly that way.  This seems somewhat pretentious.  There are a lot of hotels in Vegas.  But once there it was clear they had a right to be, though the staff didn't come across that way at all. They were collectively extremely friendly and helpful.  Which was good, because I am a dork. 

I went to THEconference on my own, so I was in THEroom by myself.  Pretend I have better tech skills and had a video camera with me, I will give you THEguided tour of my room:

THEentry was tile.  There was a powder room off of THEentry.  Walking straight ahead, you enter THEliving-room (is that getting annoying yet ??? ) which has a giant, flat screen plasma tv with DVD player on one wall.  Off of THElivingroom, there was a lovely study. 

Now we head out of THElivingroom and in to THEbedroom.  King-sized bed against one wall, and a massive, entire-wall-sprawling mirrored armoire on THEother one, inside that, another giant, flat-screen plasma tv.  Off THEbedroom, is THEbathroom.  This was easily my favorite spot.  Double vanity, giant, multi-headed, glassed-in shower, excessively large bathtub with what amounted to a waterfall for a faucet, and, yes, ANOTHER flat-screen tv on THEwall... IN THEbathroom.  There was also a phone next to THEtoilet.  That didn't do much for me, honestly, I couldn't talk on THEphone while I was on THEtoilet, it's just... icky....  but that's probably just me.  If you do this, don't tell me, I might never be able to speak to you on THEphone again.  I digress.  So, back to THEtv in THEbathroom.  Once I finally figured out where THEwater came out in THEbathtub (after sitting there perplexed for a few minutes, I finally decided to turn THEwater on, at which time it became obvious... I know, I scare myself sometimes... ) I poured myself a bath, which by THEway, is nothing like pouring yourself a drink.  Just sayin'.  So I grab THEremote.... then tried to figure out how to use it whilst in THEtub, without getting it soaking wet.  This was THEextent of my worries while there, how not to get THEremote wet in THEtub... someone should really get on that, I am pretty sure I requested my time "off" be STRESS-FREE.  ANYWAY,  I got myself settled in to THEridiculously huge tub and watched Storm Chasers.  It was 2am, don't judge me.

I neglected to mention that along with THElarge tv there were also very delicious robes in THEarmoire.  Long, white, snuggly, robes.  Which I wore around my room with happy abandon pretty much THEentire time I was there. 

Over THEcourse of THEtime I was there, I made sure to watch each of THEtv's at least once.  Because they were there and because I could.  I seriously contemplated skipping THEconference altogether and just lounging around in my room for 3 days, it was just that awesome.  But I was a good girl and went to THEconference. 

I failed to mention THEmini-bar and accompanying niceties.  I had a key to this small fridge full of wonder, and even though I am well aware of THEpitfalls of consuming mini-bar items, I just. had. to. look.  It was quite a sight, packed as full as it could possibly be with high-end liquor.  And non-alcoholic beverages.  A bottle of water alone was $5.  There was also a very pretty tray filled with snacks... and when I say snacks, I mean, cylinders of M&M's, giant Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, things I would have happily devoured had I THEdesire to spend $10 on some candy.   Which I came very close to doing.  But I resisted.  Here's THEbest part of the torturous-taunting snack tray - special "kits", discretely packaged in plain, black boxes.  The first?  A love kit.  I'll leave it at that, I'm sure you can figure out THEcontents all by yourselves.  Unless you're Zach.  And if you are, stop reading my blog and and do your homework.  THEother was a little travel kit, in case you had traveled to Vegas without one, and needed one for THEtraveling you were going to do when you left.  I just explained it to you, stop looking confused. 

My last evening there, a note was left on THEtable in my living room - THEhotel was offering me another night at an even further discounted rate, if I would like to stay a little longer.  Would love to have been able to take advantage of that, however, THEboys were waiting for me at home and I knew you guys would be lonely without me too, so, I had to decline.  

THEstaff were friendly and helpful - THEcleaning staff kept THEroom impeccable, and further more?  It was QUIET.  Which I hadn't expected, cause you know, it's Vegas.  But it was a fantastic spot, and no they have nothing to do with my writing this post, I was just thoroughly impressed.  Also, don't take this to suggest that I haven't stayed in nice hotels before, on the contrary.  However, these days, with quality and customer service being hard to come by at THEbest of places, it was refreshing, and it was worth it.

Also, thought you needed to hear about my watching tv from THEbathtub. Because I could.