Josh is Angry. Also, Zach Realizes I'm Not the Virgin Mary.

Poor dear Toadie.  Things have not improved at all since my last few posts.  I did receive the seat belt buckle covers but the one that was for Josh's special Britax Car Seat wouldn't work with his set up.  The ones I got for the regular seat-belts were fine though, so, I have taken the Britax out of the car and just put him in a booster using those covers.  They certainly work, he cannot push the button to release the belt now.  I just have Zach sit back in the third row so Josh can't reach over to him.  But Josh is EXTREMELY angry with this turn of events.  Because he wasn't angry enough before.  Apparently.  He can no longer get out of his seat, which is good, much safer for all of us.  But he is still very destructive - hitting the window, kicking my seat or the center console as hard as he can.  I now have to take the little blocks he likes away when we get in the car because I'm afraid when he smashes the window with one of those that it might actually break.  Of course taking the toys away makes him angry.  You see how this works.  So it's just one big bowl of angry these days for my little toad and it's heartbreaking.  He's still very explosive at home as well as school.  If it were only so simple to get him eating a better diet, I would.  We've been trying for years.  So whether that would help or not, I don't think we'll ever know.

He is heading back to his Dr this week coming up and we will see about trying him on Risperdal.  Again.  Tried it with him a long time ago before we went to the Celexa and it just turned him in to a zombie.  So we didn't continue.  But it is one of the few drugs out there that actually has research behind it showing that is can really make a difference with the aggressive, explosive behaviors in these kids.  So we have to try.  Because I'm frankly at the end of my rope, I just don't know how to keep dealing with this.  It's at the point where I literally can't even think about leaving the house with him unless it's to take him to school.

So I'll keep you posted on that, see how things go with the Risperdal this time around.


Haven't written about Zach in a while so here's a little gem for you:

As you could probably surmise from my Momversation posts, I'm pretty up front with Zach about most things.  If he asks about something, we talk about it.  I just find it suits my parenting style best to be really open with him.  I'll warn him if I am not sure that he's ready to hear some things and then I let him decide - sometimes he waits, other times he wants me to go ahead anyway.  Over the course of the types of discussions you have with your developing teen, the subject of sex has come up of course, including some direction from me as to just when I thought it might be appropriate.  I strongly suggested that waiting until you are no longer a teen was a good idea and just to back it up, I told him that I didn't lose my virginity until I was 20.  Don't want him thinking I'm being a hypocrite.  So I know that he knew that fact. 

However, it apparently hadn't really registered with him.  He also knew that I got married when I was 30, and had him when I was 31.  Never connected the dots, my naive little boy, since it came as quite a shock when somehow the subject came up in a recent conversation and he looked at me, eyes as wide as dinner plates and in all seriousness said, "you mean you WEREN'T a virgin when you got married?!?!"  Yeah, um, no. But you knew that!  Then, this: "so you had sex with TWO guys?!"  Ummmmm.... yeah, well, yes. More than two, sweetie.  "WHAT?!?!"  Oh dear.  He was utterly horrified.  He actually maneuvered himself in to an almost fetal position... sigh, what have I done?  "Zach. This is not something to be so upset about. I am a grown-up, it's just a normal part of adult relationships... "  His response: "So how many did you have sex with ?"  Ok, well, this is now crossing the line of what might be helpful and what's just not necessary, so I told him that was irrelevant and not really appropriate to be asking his mother.  Poor kid, he just kept looking at me with these eyes that were like, "ew, you are a girl and I just realized that... "

So.  That was fun.

Someone should be filming this.