The Cabbie Chronicles

Welcome to the second in my Adventures in Vegas series!  Note to self: maybe actually reading the notes I made on the trip would be good.  Seems I forgot to mention a few things regarding the flight... like, eating and listening to your i-Pod really shouldn't be done at the same time, particularly if what you're eating is crunchy... unless you like loud-in-your-head chewing noises.  Also?  Our landing was particularly, heavy, for lack of a better word, and people on the plane actually, "woo-hooed" it.  Oddly, none of them were 20 yr old girls.

Alright, back to the subject at hand.  Namely, cabbies.  Now, it should be noted that I have not taken a cab anywhere in years.  So maybe my amusement during the several I had to take on this trip was simply due to lack of recent experience.  But hey, it makes for good blogging material, so there you go.

Cabbie number 1:  Female cabbie.  The only female cabbie I had throughout the trip.  She was talkative - which is fine with me, I enjoy chatting with people!  Now, the airport in Vegas is essentially right in the city, so it's not very far to get from there to any of the hotels.  So it wasn't a very long ride.  But she was a fast-talker, so, we got a lot covered in a short period of time.  Initially she was complaining about how slow her night had been and how far behind on fares she was.  But, she didn't want to go to the strip, so, this was probably how it was going to be the rest of the night.  It occurred to me when I sat down to write this, that she could have just been playing me to get a big tip, which she got.  Whenever I start wondering aloud (aka on the blog) why Zach is so naive and trusting, please remind me who his mother is...  Anyway, whether that was what she was doing or not, doesn't bother me really.  She was friendly, probably the best driver of all the cabbies I had there, so a nice tip seemed deserved regardless.  Once we got past her lack of fares for the evening, she asked what brought me to Vegas.  I told her I was there for the conference.  "Oh, you're a blogger!"  Yes, I am.  "What is your blog about?"  I explained about Josh.  At which point, she freaked out.  "Oh!! My ex-boyfriend's daughter was autistic and I loved her! I learned all about autism!" And she went on from there.  She was cute.  She seemed genuinely interested in what I wrote about.  She even took out a pen and wrote the blog's url down at a stop light, "I'm going to visit your blog! You'll see, I'm going to go see it!" 

She dropped me at my hotel and after a nice tip from me, that was that.  I'm fairly certain she has not been to the blog.  So maybe she was REALLY fishing for a big tip, I don't know.  But like I said, doesn't matter, made for a pleasant cab ride regardless and was a friendly introduction to Vegas, anyway.

Cabbie 2: I had to take a cab to get from my hotel (which is going to be the subject of another post, btw - THEhotel) to the MGM Grand to see KÀ.  Cabbie 2 might have been mute, not a peep out of him the entire time - the door man at the hotel told him where I was going, so he didn't even have to ask me that.  However, he had "Pump Up the Jam" playing at FULL VOLUME the whole ride.  This made up for any lack of pleasantries, as I found this highly amusing.  In fact, it still makes me laugh, so I'm going to share the silliness with you (esp those too young to even know what song this is!):

You're welcome.


Cabbie 3: This is the guy who took me back from the show to my hotel.  Worst. Driver. EVER.  Cabbie 3 was not winning any congeniality nor skill points from me.  Do you know what old roller coasters feel like, the ones that stop and start suddenly and jerk you around indiscriminately?  That was exactly what this cab ride was like. I think Josh could have done a better job, and I'm not really kidding.  Driving is not hard, people.  DO IT BETTER, cabbie 3.  Also fun?  He had every window in the cab all the way down the whole ride.  I was dressed to the nines.  He asked me when we were just about to pull up to my hotel, "is it ok if the windows are down? Is it too windy for you back there?"  Um, well, as I peel the hair off my face, no, it's fine, don't worry about it... hey look, we're here. 

Cabbie 4:  Not memorable enough to write anything about.  This was to the sponsor party at Haze, swanky new nightclub at the Aria hotel.

Cabbie 5: Most awesome of all cabbies.  The party at Haze was fun until our exclusive time was over and the club then opened to the public... at which point the club's staff became incredibly rude with those of us there from the conference.  So we didn't pay the cover, Mashable did, and we were certainly spending outrageous amounts of money for horribly watered down drinks at their bar.... but we were being treated like we were second class citizens.  My friend was actually told once the public was coming in, that she was no longer allowed to SIT DOWN on the couches.  Excuse me?  I'm sorry, we can't SIT?  We'd spent probably close to $200 at the bar between the 2 of us and we are not ALLOWED to SIT now?  Because ... well why?  Honestly, it was insulting enough that we left.  With the Sony rep in tow.  He was a nice man.  So we're in the cab and complaining about the nightclub staff, and Cabbie 5 chimes in with the best. quote. ever.  Ready?  "Vegas isn't exactly known for being morally sound."  I love him.  Sony guy paid for the cab, I hope he tipped our insightful driver well! 

Cabbies 6 and 7: About as memorable as cabbie 4.  These were to and from the Pearl at the Palms hotel for the TechKaraoke party at the end of the conference.

Cabbie 8: Not as bad technically as cabbie 3, however, cabbie 8, my last cab ride as I was leaving Vegas, wins the Bad Cabbie award of the trip.  First?  It was mid-morning in Vegas and hot.  This is the desert after all, and it was probably high 80's already at that point.  NO. A/C.  Windows were open, so all the hot air was coming IN the cab.  What kind of person doesn't have A/C in their car in VEGAS? And a cab no less.  This guy can't be too concerned about his tips.  So I'm getting blasted by hot air the whole way to the airport.  Then, he takes the arrivals lane, not departures. I'm thinking... hmmm... maybe he knows some short cut? Nope, he stops at arrivals, says to me, "oh this will be better for you, shorter... "  Uh-huh.  Really?  A bit dubious but I mentioned my trusting nature so I decided not to make a big deal out of it thinking he might have been telling me the truth.  So. Not.  I had to walk about 867 miles to my check-in.  I mentioned Alaska being the ugly bastard child of the airlines, well, this holds true for checking-in as well as where they get to land... the farthest away of ANY of the airlines.  And he knew I was flying Alaska.  I was pissed.  Nothing I could do at that point though, so all I can do is tell you how terrible that was and if you're ever in Vegas and your cabbie tries to tell you that arrivals will be shorter for you to get to departures?  Yeah, tell him to stuff it and make him take you to the right place.  I'm an idiot.  Though it did mean that after my Himalayan trek through the airport and then all the way BACK through security, I didn't have to wait at the gate because the plane was boarding when I got there.  ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE!  Then have some wine.  Wine is good.

So that was my collective cabbie experience in Vegas. 

Next up?  THEhotel.  That's actually the name of it.  When you read my post you'll understand how appropriate it is.

ps. the kids are fine.  Well, Josh is experiencing some weirdness right now with hives, all over, every day... no idea why.  We thought it was the Risperdal, which made me very sad because it seemed to be helping a lot.  But we stopped it 5 days ago, and the hives are STILL there, in fact, worse now.  So good news is, it's probably not the medicine.  Bad news is, I have no idea WHAT it is.  Benadryl is our friend right now.  I'll keep you posted.