This will be the first in at least a couple of Vegas posts.  Somewhat of a departure from the usual subject matter, but, as it's rare that I am ever off Planet Josh on my own, you might still be interested in the stories :)

As I think I mentioned before I left, the nice people at Cirque du Soleil gave me a ticket to see one of their shows while I was in Vegas attending Blogworld 2010 and in return asked that I write a review and post it. So, I'm going to tell you all about KÀ.

It was a good choice for many reasons, but particularly as someone who writes about kids and being a parent, KÀ is a very kid-oriented show.  I have never seen any other Cirque shows in their entirety before, but I have seen many of their televised performances.  Always breath-taking, always visually stunning, but, for the younger crowd, perhaps a little abstract as far as concept or stories go.  Not that a story is necessary, I think I would enjoy a Cirque performance even if it didn't have a theme or story to it, but KÀ certainly has one and it is one that should appeal to a very broad age range.

It is an Asian/martial arts themed show, that follows the journey of a brother and sister trying to find their way back to their home and each other after they are separated in an over-throw attempt and their parents are killed.  Each is pursued by the aggressors and each have their own trials and adventures along the way, including finding love, before they are ultimately reunited.

I won't give away all the plot details, but it's a nice story, easy to follow.  The show itself is a masterpiece in staging and audience integration - the action does not just happen in front of you on a set stage.  The set extends out in to the theater, along the sides and above, and cast members show up unexpectedly in various places and at different times in the audience.  There are also cast members flying above the audience at times during the show. 

The stage itself is a marvel - it  produces some of the most memorable performance segments of the show.  It is used in all of its planes, flat, angled, vertical, with performers using it the entire time.  There are some amazing sequences using this piece of the set, one of which reminded me of Plinko, except with humans!

The costuming and make-up are extremely well done for this culturally-themed piece, and again with kids in mind, there are a few "characters" that stand-out: there is a scene on a beach where the sister and her nanny have washed up after their ship sank, and the "sea creatures" are wondrous and funny.  Fantastically talented gymnasts/acrobats as crabs, turtles, and sand centipedes makes for some wonderful imagery.

The show itself is fairly easy to get to, located at the MGM Grand, KÀ has a dedicated theater and 2 shows a night, Tuesday through Saturday.  Children under the age of 5 are not permitted.

I'm sure I'm not doing it justice, and I'd be better able to be critical if I'd seen another Cirque show to have a comparison, however I loved it, it was very entertaining, a visual masterpiece.  If you like the story aspect since I do know that it is more story focused than their other shows, and particularly if you are interested in or like martial arts, I think you would love the show. If you are headed to Vegas, thinking of going, if you have kids or even if you don't, I would highly recommend seeing KÀ - but particularly if you take the kids with you (Vegas has a lot going on besides gambling, people, I didn't gamble a cent the whole time I was there!) and you want to see a Cirque show, this would be the one I would recommend.