Time-off for .... behavior . I'll be in Vegas if you Need Me.

Tomorrow night I'm headed to Vegas for the BlogWorld 2010 / New Media Expo conference (yes, that big button in my side bar).  Will be back on the 17th. 

There will be lots to learn - this is why I'm going! Lots to do, and should be a nice little break for me, which is good. I need one.  The very nice folks at Cirque du Soleil are sending me to one of their shows in exchange for a review, and that was cool with me since I wanted to go anyway!  I'm sure I will have plenty of stories to assault you with when I get back - I might be 45 but I have never been to Vegas... yep, Vegas Virgin.  Ahhhh, that must be where Zach got confused...  ;)

Might be able to check in from there, will have to see how well my phone does.

Josh starts on Risperdal tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.