This is Not the Blog I Wanted it to be

I wanted to write this as a real-time journal. I thought it would help me and perhaps others in similar circumstances, to talk through it, ask questions, work through emotions, and just put down on figurative paper, life, as it was happening and eventually, ending.

What I didn't expect was that "eventually" happened in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

So the story I will tell you is now a retrospective. It's about family. It's about losing a parent or parents, as was almost the case. It's about love, memories, life, coping, looking forward while leaning back, getting down to business, growing up, and grief. It's about laughing in the face of a monster. It's about George - the beast who snuck up on and killed my mother. But mostly it's about my mom. A lady whose quiet strength, grace, and humor while being ravaged by a brutal disease amazed me. 

I just hope I can do justice to this and to her, looking back instead of in the moment.